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Welcome to Hardesty Homes! Since its inception, Hardesty Homes has won numerous Homer Awards. This competition, orchestrated by the HBA of Greater St. Louis, pits builders against each other, judging quality, design value and visual appeal. In fact Hardesty Homes has never entered the award contest without becoming a winner. You'll be impressed by our ability and willingness to help you achieve your specific new home objectives. Working with you, each of our dedicated professionals will make an all-encompassing effort to produce a home we can all be proud of. As a Hardesty Home owner, you can be confident your beautiful new home will reflect a higher level of quality in its engineering, design and construction - a fine residence built for your family's future.

"Knock on any door" is what we say to any potential home buyer. We encourage inquisitive buyers to ask existing homeowners about their experiences while building a Hardesty Home.

We build about 35 to 40 homes a year so we have the ability to treat our home buyers like people not just some lot number filled out on a form. It's the way we do things, the attention to detail, the process we use to build our homes that create the quality and, of course, the respect we have for our customers that makes the difference. We can achieve this level of quality because we mostly employ all of our own carpenters. This allows us to consistently build a quality home because of the pride our employees have in the homes we produce.

You can walk into a Hardesty Home, while its under construction and the differences are readily apparent. There is more wood being used in the framing. The fit and finish of the framing members are exact. And most importantly, because we are primarily a custom home builder, we will personalize our homes to our customers wishes considering your family's specific needs.

My name is not only on the door of the office, but also on every home we build. I'm proud of what we do, and I hope that you'll join us in what I am confident will be a thoroughly enjoyable building experience.


Brett Hardesty

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